Fynale : Classic - Sakura 14.5mm148 inspired by FYNALE Béuberry : Kitten Eyes The Disney Lens : Cupid Luxury Babe : Rilakumma & Melody I.Fairy Kitten Tears 16.2mm


Shipping & Delivery

POSTING SCHEDULE **all lens order pay today before 8pm, will be post out tomorrow (working day), in 2-3 working day you will receive the lens (for MALAYSIA), depends on location and postman schedule making delivery.

For Oversea, day of receive depends on location and type of postage choose.

POSTING RATE** Each brands are different postage rate due to different suppliers. Unless stated as below, the postage for those brands can be count together (CAN BE POST TOGETHER OR MIX).

✿ Fynale (Monday - Friday)
✿ Kimchi, I.Fairy & Geo (Monday - Friday)
✿ Béuberry (Monday - Friday)
✿ The Disney Lens, Winter Barbie & Geo (Monday - Friday)

From now on, we only used PosLaju for delivery method within Malaysia.
We don't used Pos Express anymore because Pos Malaysia will send us back the parcels. They won't allow us post other than documents.

(WM) --> 1st 500 gram = RM7.00, next 500 grams add RM2.00

E.g :
1-5 pairs RM7.00
6-10pairs RM7.00 + RM2.00

Sabah --> 1st 500 gram = RM10.00, next 500 grams add RM2.00
Sarawak -->  1st 500 gram = RM11.00, next 500 grams add RM2.00

1-5pairs --> RM10.00
6-10pairs --> RM10.00 + RM2.00

We used Pos Laju (EMS) or Registered Mail to post

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